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Default Re: Can run SVIDEO TVOutFormat, can't run COMPONENT

If you leave the "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO" in your xorg.conf, component will never work. For component output "TVOutFormat" "COMPONENT" must be set. If you leave it as "SVIDEO" you will get black & white output on the component cables.

If I don't have a modeline, I get a default 800x600 on the component output. I suspect this is because with the COMPONENT cables, there is no communications between the video card and display device.

In summary:
Try with only ONE output device connected (COMPONENT cables only)
set "UseDisplayDevice" "TV"
set "TVStandard" "HD480p"
set "TVOutFormat" "COMPONENT"

Be sure you have a good modeline for the resolution you are trying to use. It needs to match your "TVStandard" setting. I can post mine later tonight when I get home if you like.
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