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Default Re: Played through the game twice... my thoughts

well i hope they do the code better in the 2 last parts of the trilogy so anyone think we might see Nomad in space battle? in part III

well who knows canīt be the same island in all three parts well better coding so almost everyone can enjoy the last parts better.

DOnīt get me wrong i was like what this is it i want more, but they did something wrong with then game in the end now we have to see how the game turns out after a few patches.

otherwise fun gmae stunning visuals but i doubt even a 9800GTX can run it butter smooth on very high settings, and 16XAA/AF perhaps in 2 years time both CPU/GPU can max Crysis then again it is so old that i doubt i would be playing it again i doubt i can afford any new CPU/GPU in the top segment perhaps a the GTS aftrer 9800 series.

Wonder what they will call the cards after 9XXXseries?
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