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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

i mean say 1 year or 1 1/2 years from now on a new Quad Core 9800 series i doubt i would dust off Crysis since so many new DX10 games have emerged

ok this is my opinion i think ASSASINīs Creed will subdue Crysis i mean a bunch of people are haling(spelling) COD4 and somewhat Bioshock over Crysis due to it being a game for future hardware and thus making todayīs hardware somewhat aged and outdated.

so we have Alan Wake, Assassinīs Creed HL2 ep3 (?), brothers in arms hellīs highway or something like that, Far Cry 2 Fear 2 i mena Crysis is going to be in somewhat hard position of being the best game damn i doubt it will get the GOTY itīs more likely COD 4 or Bio getīs it and this is why Crytek thought wrong they did a boomer nad now they have to rethink and redo Crysis parts II and III
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