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Default Re: How does Crysis run for you?

Originally Posted by Koko56
For me it seemed to be very smooth during my first few times through the demo and the game ran a bit worse (with some frame skipping) but it was not too bad. Now however Crysis runs pretty terribly... Whenever I seem to turn around it's almost as if it tries to load it on the go resulting in an FPS drop to about 0-5 for a split of a seconds, even though FRAPS may display 30, whenever I look around it stutters and just seems to pause for splits of a second... tried re-installing the game and the GPU drivers, tried defragmenting too... nothing really worked.

As for the MP - the motion blur is completely gone and it stutters too... btw when I played the MP for the first time ever it was amazingly smooth with motion blur and always above 60FPS...

I have not changed anything since it ran well...
If you experience choppiness when turning around and such though the FPS counter is good, it sound like you need some more RAM. I have this to a slight extend myself, sometimes choppiness when turning quickly around, entering a new area, during the initiation of explosions, and typically a few times during a cutscene. I have 2gb, using vista64 and ordering another 2gb as soon as I can afford it
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