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Default Re: How does Crysis run for you?

Originally Posted by Koko56
Yeah - it's still there... I just played the game with everything on medium appart from objects and post processing set to high.

The choppiness was not as bad, but nonetheless it was still there.

IMO I think it's either something wrong with my PC or a patch is needed to sort it out.

It's rather strange. As I said before the first few times through the demo it was really smooth, appart from really heavy battles (obviously), but then it started to get choppy without a reason.

I did OC my GPU whilst playing the demo and the main game, however OCing it again does not fix the problem.

As for RAM I've seen some guy with 4GB saying that it stutters sometimes too.
I use 2560x1600, and it behaves pretty much like you described. What resolution do you use?

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