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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

8.5 ,
I just finished it 2 minutes ago (albeit without the nice graphics) and I think theres room for improvement

Apart from the annoying bugs (floating no AI aliens)

Theres not enough actual story apart from the usual B-Movie-esque stuff we are used to, Theres no answers to any questions or explanation

The balance on the nanosuit timing is quite frustrating

Most of the carrier seemed to be cut scenes and go there press that button...
The suit is pretty pointless on the carrier also.

its just too short,What is it with games these days??? ,

I still haven't finished FarCry, FarCry2 had better not be the same as this.
While im talking about FC, hiding behind bushes and sneaking is more fun than being invisible
Having only rocks to hide behind to do the sneaking forcing you to use the suit is annoying.

I am looking forward to playing with an actual graphics card though instead of this speak-n-spell, The ending looks pretty.
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