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Default Re: What's up with the bulletproof troops?

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
What's up with the aliens owning me with my 50 bullets in zero-g?
Wait till they charge you head first, aim upper-center mast, and they'll die fast. I also found it was easier to simply hit my "grab enemy" button and beat the sh*t outta them then waste my bullets. AFAIK incendiary vs. regular ammo has no effect on those aliens, but unproven.

For the regular troops, they do have tough armor on their chest, that's why I stick to silenced shots into their face. And whenever I can I enable the laser sight even for long rage shots, in a close-medium range fire-fight, just use semi-auto and tap it into their face and they'll be down.

Also remember that there's no way to steady your shot, technically you could hit the fire button and it will be off the mark, just by that crucial inch. So I've started to basically train my mind to "pre-fire" where I think the reticle will be. Doing this can get you 1-shot kills even if the NKA has his back to you. Generally speaking I've found the AI to be lackluster when I run with my Cloak/Silenced HS/Cloak strat.

I think the next time through the game I will try to play it without guns (where I can).
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