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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
I'm a n00b so I'm playing on normal, and it is too easy. I was up in a tower overlooking the dig site, and the whole base knew I was there. I just crouched as they shot at me, and cloaked, leaned over the top of the stairs, lined someone up in my sniper scope, and picked them off one by one. Probably 15-18 guys. And none of them could figure out to throw a grenade, and then they would "forget" where I was when cloaked. LOL.

As for the graveyard fight, I had my volume way down because my toddler was asleep, and it took me a minute to figure out what the hell was going on.

It was great to see the cloaked guys trying to sneak through the grass, and the bushes moving as the approached.

So how did you all kill them on Delta? They took plenty of bullets to the skull before they went down on Normal.
Run away into the corner cloaked, out of sight, use Armor mode, hide behind the tree, and then yea the skull basically.
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