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Default Re: How does Crysis run for you?

Originally Posted by Gaco
Well I've seen that while playing the game, all of the 2gb is in use, so I could definently see that the game could use more, if not 4gb then 2.5 or 3, but I'm just buying 2gb more to futureproof. And the other thing is, the game is showing all the symptoms I had last time I ran out of memory on my rig and upgraded from 512mb to 1gb some years ago, and I know that it can't be my harddisk because it's a couple of defragmented 10rpm raptors in Raid0 array
Vista could be the culprit because in XP it looks like over 2gb is unnecessary. However, I have seen a number or errors in the console that have the word "leak" in them, so maybe the Crysis memory leaks are more pronounced in vista...
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