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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
You got your way Solomon, you posted 'em and I don't think ATi is going to sue you over it...but I think you lost a lot of friends.
On the contraray I have more visitors now then ever because of the stance I put up. I'm not a corporate suck up. These companies don't do jack for you unless you comply and become their borg.

It's odd that your stance on all of this has changed. You were never singing this tune before. Is it because you got free hardware from ATi and are now going to become a beta member ? Why the change of tune ?

I already re-affirmed to my contact as well as to my visitors. I will post leaks, beta release, because they want it. I do what my visitors want not because a company gives me free hardware and allows me to join their office party.

The leaks will never stop and I'm all for it. It allows me to test out my games to see if they are better or not. Ironically it's o.k. for Catalyst Maker to recommend them to someone on a game, but we can't, because according to him we aren't allowed too! LOL. Then I should tell him he's not allowed to download the driver from our site. Same scenerio.

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