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Default Flashing the BIOS on my 6200

First guestion, my graphics card supports outputting television in S-Video and Component formats. I'm having trouble getting TV out via component cables on my 6200. Has anyone seen any settings as to what format and cable the graphics card sends outs?

What's the best BIOS editor to use to look into these kinds of things?

Second question, I've got a Leadtek Winfast A6200 TDH graphics card. Apparently, there's also a

I'm wanting to flash my BIOS and can only find on the BIOS files for the TD model with 128 MB of RAM, or the TDH model with 256 MB of RAM. I've got a TDH model with 256 MB of RAM.

The BIOS files I'm interested in are the first few listed on this page:,71/

Would the TD and TDH models have different BIOS files? Would the TDH 128 MB RAM and the TDH 256 MB RAM have different BIOS files?

Here's the TD model:

Here's the TDH model (that I have):
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