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Default Re: Compiz Fusion no go on 169.04

Oh my! Sorry, I just got back from going back to 100.14.23. I can tell you that I had a fully positive glxinfo report, whether running glxinfo, using glxgears, or clicking the glx information within nvidia-settings. It reported the correct OpenGL versions, NVidia drivers, Direct Rendering:yes, etc. Lot's of the usual numbers and stuff too, but of course I can't remember those.

3D OpenGL games were working fine. Only Compiz couldn't get itself going. As soon as I restored 100.14.23, Compiz Fusion is completely back running fine.

If you really, really, really need that information then I'll restore the 169.04 for you. I hope not. I've already switched back and forth twice today.

But if you need it, let me know and I'll sacrifice a few minutes for helping to fix this. I'll be leaving until around 11PM here in the eastern US though. I'll check back here when I get back and see if I'm needed. There's a few other folks over at the Compiz Fusion forums complaining about this in both the Packages, OpenSUSE thread and the Packages, NVidia drivers on OpenSUSE thread. They got the same error messages when Compiz was attempting to load that I did. But there are others being thankful for improved Compiz Fusion performance using the new driver. So it appears to effect certain configurations, hardware, I have no idea what.
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