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Originally posted by Solomon
On the contraray I have more visitors now then ever because of the stance I put up. I'm not a corporate suck up. These companies don't do jack for you unless you comply and become their borg.
I don't agree with the borg bit, and I notice that [t]ardOCP gets an awful lot of hits too...

It's odd that your stance on all of this has changed. You were never singing this tune before. Is it because you got free hardware from ATi and are now going to become a beta member ? Why the change of tune ?
No change in my tune, it's the same as it's always been. I'm trying to do what I feel is best for the community as I really feel I'm always trying to do. The community has taught me everything I know and I just want to do something to give back to it, in this case I feel it was in the communities best interests to respect ATi's request on this particular release. I didn't do it because I got free hardware from ATi, I did it because I think I know why they didn't want it leaked so badly and I agree with them on it.

I already re-affirmed to my contact as well as to my visitors. I will post leaks, beta release, because they want it. I do what my visitors want not because a company gives me free hardware and allows me to join their office party.
I'm truly glad to hear it, don't change. This isn't about me wanting an invite to any parties, this is about me wanting to see ATi get a chance to clean-up their act in the driver department and to continue to give the excellent driver support they've been giving.

The leaks will never stop and I'm all for it. It allows me to test out my games to see if they are better or not.
I bet you're right, but they HAVE signifigantly decreased in the last 6 months and I expect them to continue to decline. A monthly release will help to kill the beta-hunting urge, IMHO.

Ironically it's o.k. for Catalyst Maker to recommend them to someone on a game, but we can't, because according to him we aren't allowed too! LOL. Then I should tell him he's not allowed to download the driver from our site. Same scenerio.
No, no it's not. He asked you to take them down before they had spread to the wild, he recomended a customer try them to fix a problem (which I believe you reported that these drivers fix, kudos again) after they were already widely available.

CM ain't an idiot, he knows you can't put the genie back in the bottle. BUT...

...but sometimes you can, if you catch the genie before he knows he's out. That's why they push for cooperation so much in the initial few hours after a leak.

I KNOW you can suppress a leak sometimes, it can be done. But there had better best be a damned good reason for wanting it suppressed if'n I'm gonna give a hand with it. In this particular case, I DID think there was a good reason.

But it's a moot point now, because you felt all good and righteous. Enjoy it, you're right on a number of levels...but I reserve the right to disagree with you based on my own opinions/speculations and I do so in this case.

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