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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Originally Posted by LORD-eX-Bu
6.5 but the lowest your poll will go is 7.
Look at the score distribution. Notice how it peaks at 9.5 and then tapers off all nice and gaussian-like to 1 at 7.5? Now notice that spike at 7.0. That spike is the curve-breaking spiteful scorers

I think the 1 to 10 scale is more like the school grading system. A 9.5 is an A+ or 95% and a 7.0 is a 70% or C-.

Your 6.5 is a D and is quite unreasonable. If you're a professor you would give Crysis a D? Even if you hate it you should give it a B- or C for technical innovation.
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