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Originally Posted by Valdoror
You got it right, I surely don't want to screw around once back home. Unless I choose to play with something, like an Oracle server

Regarding SuSE, I thought that with Novell behind, we would get a rock solid distro, but that was a mistake.
Like RedHat's RHEL/Fedora, SUSE has two distributions - OpenSUSE: a freely available bleeding edge distribution and SLED/SLES - a slow moving stable distribution.

Thanks for these advices. BTW, are RHEL and SLED available for free?!
CentOS/Scientific Linux (and a number of other RHEL clones) are free.
In my view CentOS is best freely available "enterprise" distribution.

I tried Debian 3.1 earlier but it disappointed me. After install, I got a 800x600 resolution with no sound at all That was my first and last Debian try.
I'm not a Debian fan (far from it), but Debian 4 is much better then 3.

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