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Originally posted by Dazz
Yeah if i get it retail it will cost me 259 for the MSI Fx or 269 for the Hurc 9700Pro. I don't really want to, but i could use my credit card to get an MSI FX5900 for 290+Shipping. Would you say the Fx5900 is the better buy?
if taking speed as factor and you don't mind playing games at 16X12 wiht 2AA and 8AF then sure get teh 5800 however if you want to suck it all the wya up with the best IQ and the best Speed with it on high Resulotion then get the 9700...
if i were you i would have gone with NV because of doom III and future gaming...
p.s just saw that you could get 5900...
WT$%$# ??? GET it ASAP
it's the best
na really i'm sure that it will serve you well
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