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Default Re: Compiz Fusion no go on 169.04

Okay, hope everyone hasn't gone to sleep.

Here's the resulting text from nvidia-settings --glxinfo with the 169.04 driver installed. I hope it doesn't matter that I ran it while su'd to root because I didn't want it to hide some configuration file somewhere in my home folder where I couldn't delete it later. I generally do nvidia-settings stuff from kdesu or gnomesu anyway.

3D works fine, just no Compiz. I hope this helps somehow. I'll be returning to the driver that works (100.14.23).

First I'll try, hey wait a minute I'll do it right now, starting Compiz with that no fallback command.

Hoky smokes, Batman --no-libgl-fallback worked!!!

Now, how the --- do I get that into the fusion-icon and compiz-manager starting scripts? See, when I right clicked fusion-icon and selected reload window manager Compiz turned itself off again. I need to do that to get the kde or gtk decorators (depending whether I'm in KDE or Gnome at the time) to replace emerald, although I suppose I could just do kde-window-decorator --replace, eh? Kind of defeats the use of either compiz-manager or fusion-icon if neither one would start Compiz correctly.

Maybe I'll search around in the Compiz Fusion forum for someone who has posted where and what to add to those ini files. Pretty sure the fusion-icon one is in the hidden /home/me/.kde/.config/.compiz folder (something like that), but I'm not sure that's where its startup script is. I know where the compiz-manager one is (or at least I found it at one time, suppose I can find it again). But again, not sure where in the ini file to put that no fallback command.

How come the previous drivers never needed that? Think that's the whole problem here?
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