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Default Re: Compiz Fusion no go on 169.04

I edited the compiz-manager file in /usr/bin/compiz-manager to add --no-libgl-fallback to the compiz options line. And that works.

However, trying to do the same to /usr/lib/python/site-packages/FusionIcon/ did not change how Fusion Icon starts Compiz. So if I hit Reload Window Manager on Fusion Icon it turns on Compiz, but without it working and Kwin not doing its job either. Gotta change Fusion Icon to use Kwin, then run compiz-manager to get things back to normal. Then of course to get rid of Emerald I have to do kde-window-decorator --replace &.

Hmm. I appear to need this no-libgl-fallback to be specified, but don't really know how to get Fusion Icon to do that. Perhaps that's not the correct file to edit (I deleted it and renamed the backup file back to, since it hadn't worked).

There's got to be a way to edit what Fusion Icon does. I'll look around some more.

Anyway, I suppose this is a better way to run Compiz anyway as falling back to indirect rendering doesn't sound as nice as just using direct rendering, which seems to be working fine.

Guess it's not a driver problem but rather actually an improvement! It's one of those features, like Microsoft used to say a lot, "it's not a bug, it's a feature!"

Heh heh. I'll go run over to the Compiz Fusion forum unless someone who knows what to do can help out here. Any idea how to get the change into the Fusion Icon script by editing?
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