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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

Ok, just finished the harbor, tank mission and blew up the ammo depot. good. I need a smoke

Well, I don't smoke but if I did I would have a smoke now.

Maybe people aren't using the right tweaks. This game is AMAZING. I guess I must really suck because on hard I find it very challenging. The firefights in the docks and at the bases were awesome. The tank fight was jaw-dropping.

You don't feel like you're in some narrow tunnel like almost every other game.

My frame rate feels smooth at 20fps but not so when it dips to the mid teens. But the choppiness is worth it because it's just so gorgeous!

I can't wait for the 9800GTX. Whatever the price, I'm buying it on launch day just to replay this game.

Anyway, I haven't seen any aliens yet. So, I still have a ways to go.

(P.S. This is not as short as COD4)
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