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Originally posted by Solomon
I have never had someone say, "Damn! Those drivers corrupted my computer". My viewer base is intelligent and knows what the word "beta" means. CM came off like I'm some idiot and my viewers are stupid and will just complain to ATi because they might screw up your computer.
In fairness to CM, ATi HAS had a lot of that before and that's one of the big reasons they used to be such pricks about it a few years back. They got tired of people tying up their support folks with questions/problems about beta drivers. I know it ain't something you might have seen, but imagine all the noobies out there who try something and run to ATi to cry about it.

I'm not AGREEING with them, but I can at least see where they're coming from.
Nothing is personal. Unless you flat out call me stupid, loser, maxi zone dweebe, Butt Face, etc... Hehehehe.
C'mon, you know I'm much more creative/original than that...uhm, no....I mean; C'mon, you know I'm all kindler & gentler now!
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