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Default Re: Post your final config for retail crysis here!

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Thats a great config gaco (the one in post #60).

The game runs great at 1280x960 with 8xAF on my system using that config. Looks fantastic too!

I'm actually pretty impressed with how good this runs overall. I could probably even run it at 1600x1200 with these settings, but I think the extra 10-15fps I get at 1280x960 is worth the trade off.

The beginning part of the game (the beaches and forest at night) run at 30-40fps at these settings. Some dips to the high 20s when I have the flashlight on, but thats no biggy.

I can't wait for a faster card to really make this game shine, but after tweaking it looks and runs pretty damn good for a 1 year old video card.
Good to hear
Are you applying the 8xAF through the Nvidia Control Panel btw? And how expensive on performance is it?

Just started on MP btw.. I'm definently going to change to all high settings for that, I'm getting owned all the time as of now
MP can be both extremely frustrating (expecially when you gets owned, even more than other games like TF2 etc., dunno why), but also very satisfying at times. Lag is a little issue, but noting too serious. I do hope that Crytek improves netcode in the upcoming patches however.
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