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Default 169.04 and Rawhide - heads up and 2 questions...

169.04 works for me on a Dell Latitude D820 laptop (chipset is a Quadro NVS 110M) in 64-bit using the Fedora 8 xorg-x11. However, Friday's Rawhide upped the xorg API number to 3 (in RPM xorg-x11-server-Xorg.x86_64, and the nvidia driver refuses to load due to the API mismatch (setting IgnoreABI results in a very quick and ugly crash of the X server - alt-sysrq still works, network still works, but black screen and alt-pf[1-7] don't work)


What's the timeline for an NVidia driver that knows about the API change?

(No rush, I'm just going to stick an 'exclude=xorg-x11-server-*' in my Yum config till something happens)
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