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Default MP balance and gameplay discussion

I've just played a lot of Crysis Power Struggle today, and here's a what I think needs change or fixing:

Game balance

WTF @ Nanogranade price: Ok you can buy a regular grenade that actually kills your opponent for 25P. Then you can buy a nanogranade that disables the nanosuit temporarily (for a pretty short time I might add) that costs 50P. Why the hell would you wanna pay twice for something that just gives you an advantage opposed to something that kills?

Shotgun needs a buff: I don't know if it's too inaccurate even at low ranges or gives too little damage, but fact is that this weapon sucks compared to the SMG. Sure it's not terrible and you CAN kill with it, but you just have a much better chance with the SMG.

Things that needs to be fixed

Rocket Launcher shots disappearing: If you shoot two rockets in immediate succession the second rocket often just disappears. Either that or the explosion animation just doesn't play. I'm most inclined to think the first, but if the second is correct, then the rockets need to do more damage to light tanks (shouldn't have to need more than 3 shots obviously IMO).

FUBAR VTOL Controls:
If it wasn't bad enough that they choose both mouseaxis as look (shouldn't only used the vertical axis for look like BF series), they also inverted the controls, or rather they didn't, but inverted controls aerial vehicles is pretty much a no-brainer, and they didn't even add an option to invert the heli/vtol vehicles only! ffs.. I've given up on trying to learn to fly those things after a couple of hours of practice.

That's my grudges for now, though I'm having fun with Power Struggle overall. Post your thoughts
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