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Default Re: My coolit eliminator experience

Originally Posted by verboten
I recently acquired a new coolit eliminator very cheap. I was a little wary about using it on my Q6600 after reading some reviews. From what i have read, the freezone is geared towards quads while the eliminator is better suited for duals. To my surprise, the eliminator works wonders.

I first installed it running at stock speeds (2.4Ghz) and my idle temps were at 13c-15c and load never got past 35c. I bumped my speeds to 8x400 (3.2Ghz) and now my temps are 23c-25c idle and 47c-50c after 2 hours of Prime95.

Did i get lucky here or is the Q6600 G0 that much cooler
That's about spot on. I got a FreeZone, and I get about 30-35 playing Crysis for about an hour...
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