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Default Re: Random Lockups on Multi-CPU Systems

Check your BIOS version, if it is lower than 205 - go for update. I own almost identical machine as yours (based on ASUS Z62JM), had the same problems as you. I was avoiding updating BIOS because I just didn't believed it would really help. After months of googling, as sometimes happens, found the solution in most unexpected place. It seems that all the notebooks made on this particular base suffers from the same problem and BIOS flashing solves it. Now I'm using BIOS version 205, Fedora 8 with binary nvidia's driver 100.19 from livna: 3D acceleration works flawlessly. The only thing which doesn't - suspend. It's a bit strange, because it worked before BIOS update with binary drivers, now, after resuming, I get a black screen and mouse pointer. Hope that new driver will fix this.
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