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Default Re: Unreal Tournament 3 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by v3rninater
I dunno, I'm not impressed with this UT, yea it looks really good and plays very well. But, it just seems a like it's suffering from consolitus to me. I can't even change my crosshairs unless I'm missing something?
No you are not missing something,Epic is working on exstensive changes to the ui and hopefully thats one of the changes they will implement in coming patches.Tbh i can live with lower res textures,i know that 99% of multiplatform games are now being developed primarily for consoles and then ported to pc.More detail/shading/filtering = longer time in developement = much more costly.

But saying that i cant however live with the way they have removed so much of your own control,over gfx levels,hud and how theyve dumbed down the interface.You cant even use the same nick youve used for years,atleast not if its taken at gamespy.The UT series has been the games ive played most the last 7 years,i will play this aswell and i hope they will make it into something that will last a few years,that it will be a worthy successor.
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