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Default Re: Unreal Tournament 3 Feedback Thread

Here is my take now that I finally got to use it on my pc.

As far as graphics goes, I'm not seeing anything jump out between this and the demo. I'm using 1920 x 1200 16x SSAA / 16x AF with everything on max. I'm not going to bother with screenies since I don't really see anything to focus on that is noticeably changed. One thing I do notice though is even with AA and AF, I cannot seem to get rid of the jaggies along the edges of certain things, which does detract from the overall picture. The game does still look pretty good, but it definitely isn't COD4 / Crysis in the graphics department.

Another note I'd like to make is this game is heavily CPU limited. I'm literally maxing out both cores (And I mean 100%) on my FX-60 and starting to see the frames drop a little. (Like 45+ instead of 60+ I'm guessing the added overhead of SLI is probably making the difference because I didn't notice this before without SLI in the demo.) Depending upon what I'm looking at frames are between 45 - 90 fps and sometimes the SLI load bars are showing some scaling, other times it really isn't doing anything. I have AFR2 forced in the CP.

This is on XP because Vista 64 didn't seem to like SLI on this game and it wasn't running well at all. I'm using the WHQL 163.75 drivers in XP and Vista x64.

I'm going to try out some of the other maps and try on a server to see how it plays.

EDIT: One more note, my Vram usage was above 600MB on shangri-la and heatray without any other players, so this game is definitely using some ram. I'm guessing 512MB cards would tank pretty quick if you turn the visuals all the way up.
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