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Default 169.04 video resizing problem with compiz

2 things to report, one with xv and one with opengl, but they seem to both be caused by exhausted video memory.

If i have multiple windows open and start playing a video with Xv output, i cannot increase the size or fullscreen of the video. The window is just black. mplayer starts spitting out this when this happens.
X11 error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)

If i do the same with the gl or gl2 output in mplayer with multiple windows already open, the video becomes extremely laggy. This also happens with mythtv with using opengl for the frontend.

I can still open more windows with out problems even when mplayer just shows a black window.

Probably left over stuff from the black window bug.

Forgot to mention, this only happens when using compiz.
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