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Default Re: Crysis Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Stoneyguy
Is there a way to play the normal difficulty level without the Koreans speaking English? That totally kills the immersion.
Yes, and info how taken from


There are four files starting with diff_ under your \Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config\ directory. Each one corresponds to the in-game difficulty setting of the same name, and note that diff_bauer is the file for Delta difficulty in the game. These files hold the various parameters which are affected when you alter the game difficulty. For example if you compare diff_easy with diff_bauer, you will see the variable g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime = 8 in the easy file, while the same variable has a value = 25 in the Delta (Bauer) file. This means that to regenerate your health back to 100% takes roughly 3 times longer when in Armor mode at Delta difficulty compared to Easy difficulty.

To begin with, find the difficulty file corresponding to your in-game difficulty setting, and then you can alter the parameters to better suit the particular challenge you're after. One particular difficulty aspect which is more related to atmosphere than difficulty in my opinion is the ai_UseAlternativeReadability variable. When set to 1, it forces the Korean soldiers to speak English, which can be quite unrealistic. You can set this to 0 to force the Koreans to speak Korean, something which normally only happens at the Delta difficulty level. Check the rest of the commands in the Advanced Tweaking section for more details of what the other settings here do. Note that some of these difficulty settings are tied to saved games. For example if you change ai_UseAlternativeReadability and then load up a saved game, it will revert back to its old value as stored in that saved game. In that case, you must alter the variable then save the game again to store the new setting.

Most importantly of all, these difficulty .cfg files have another very handy use which we can take advantage of. Ordinarily if you want to override certain console commands you could insert them into your System.cfg file and give them the desired values. However it seems that certain commands, such as those in the difficulty files themselves, as well as a whole host of other commands, cannot be altered this way. The only way to alter them appears to be to enter them in an 'original' .cfg file, that is, a file which the game itself has created and gives special permission to load altered variables from. The diff_ .cfg files are one such file, and so any commands on the following pages which are denoted by (system), or those commands you find do not change even when entered in System.cfg, should be entered at the very bottom of the relevant diff_ .cfg file which matches your current in-game difficulty setting.

For example, by default you cannot alter the command for the facial animation system (ca_UseFacialAnimation), regardless of whether you use it in the console, or in System.cfg, autoexec.cfg, the command line, etc. However if you insert ca_UseFacialAnimation=0 at the bottom of your diff_normal.cfg file, one or two lines below the last entry, then close and save it, the next time you launch Crysis the command will be accepted and the facial animation system will be disabled at startup. In fact if you want to make sure all your custom .cfg file variables work, it's probably easier just to paste them all into the relevant diff_ .cfg file to begin with, as then they will all definitely be implemented at Crysis startup.

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