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Default Re: Post your final config for retail crysis here!

Originally Posted by Gaco
Good to hear
Are you applying the 8xAF through the Nvidia Control Panel btw? And how expensive on performance is it?

Just started on MP btw.. I'm definently going to change to all high settings for that, I'm getting owned all the time as of now
MP can be both extremely frustrating (expecially when you gets owned, even more than other games like TF2 etc., dunno why), but also very satisfying at times. Lag is a little issue, but noting too serious. I do hope that Crytek improves netcode in the upcoming patches however.
Yeah, I forced it through the CP. I'm not sure of the exact performance impact, but 16x AF made the game noticeably slower. I set it back to 8x because its hard to see much of a difference between the two at only 1280x960. Its very playable, but definitely slower than it was with no AF.

I wish the AF looked a bit better though honestly. I think the parallax mapped textures get a bit distorted at a distance and enabling AF makes it sharper but makes the distortion more visible.
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