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Originally Posted by Amuro
It's up to you if you want to pay $570-600 for just 2GB of DDR3 1800, and if you want 4GB, you would have to get two 2GB kits as there're no 4GB kits yet. Personally, I would wait for the tech to mature a bit more before going DDR3, especially when Intel plans to introduce a new socket at the end of next year for Nehalem.

It should be noted that this is misinformation. There are DDR3 4GB kits and this person failed to do proper research. Keep this in mind in the future, as this, is hard evidence that this person may be "assuming" or "making things up." Just a friendly notification.

Here are the 4GB kits, again, whoever he was addressing, I am sorry that you must go through this. Just be careful who you trust in the PC world, some people just don't know what they are talking about. ( no offense, amuro. )
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