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Default Re: My Crysis Multiplayer Review - enjoy~

Originally Posted by gulizard
I give it a ****ing -10... This game was a waste of my hard earned cash. I felt so ripped off, when I jumped into an AA vehicle and fired, and it simply just exploded, and then I thought maybe I did something wrong, nope second time it happened again... Completely useless.

The VTOL you can run around and rape with, it requires no skill, and they've reversed the helicopter controls from BF2, have the time the helicopter blades do not even look like they are spinning, and to top that off you have ONE invert mouse button, and seeing as the helicopter is reversed from everything else, once you've died you have to uncheck the INVERT MOUSE option to be able to play...

People who get the nukes either A) kill their whole team, B) fire it at one person, or C) fire it at their feet when they are about to die in hopes of killing maybe just one person...

The weapons feel like junk, theres no advantage to getting the better, no simply buy a sub machine gun and save your money, as it does just as good as the other weapons.. Who even needs a weapon, spam claymores and grenades much more effective.. This game needs a lot of work the bugs are phenomenal, it makes me wonder if EA pays the developers to release a buggy game, because it seems EA are the only publishers that release games with that many bugs. BF2 is a perfect example.

Instant Action is COMPLETE junk. I mean the maps are so small.. People spawn behind you... I mean granted I did go 30 and 3, but people spawned right with me... Theres no point to it, its usually depending on the server, 15 minutes of what seems to be a cross between UT death match, with the exception that you start out with nothing but a pistol, and assuming you can get to a gun, in my case none of my victims really were able to get to anything you die within seconds of having it, so at the end of the day its a pointless game... Ranking system seems to be a scam, seeing as how even the servers without the little ranks next to the name, you still advance through the ranks. I suppose gamespy has some sort of stat tracking... haven't seen it anyway...

It's like they did a last minute job to get the multiplayer side of it out....completley sucks every way possible.

The hardened online FPS players will immediantly turn there noses up at this trash.
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