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Default Happy holidays and thanks to the nvidia team

As one of our distro's graphics installer script maintainers, I want to thank the nvidia team for doing such a consistently high quality job. You make my life easy, and you make all our nvidia card using user's lives better as well.

While it will be nice to see a true open source 3d driver one day, for now I am thankful, in this season of thanksgiving, for the fact that I don't have to waste endless hours trying to get a messed up driver, as in the case of the ongoing ATI/AMD fglrx debacle, working.

So keep up the good work, glad you guys all seem to really use and enjoy modern, up to date linux systems, which you obviously do, given the high quality and consistent ease of installation of your drivers, even on a cutting edge distro like ours (sidux, smxi/sgfxi gfx installer script).
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