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Default Re: Crysis....why all the hype......

I liked the graphics, I liked the sound, I like the soundtrack, I liked the story, I liked the tactical gameplay, I liked the physics and feel of the game, I liked the nanosuit and weaponmod features, I'm impressed by the AI and I'm cool with cliffhangers. If you expected this game to make you feel like high on drugs and jesus coming out of the screen and hugging you, I can understand if you're disappointed. If you expected a decent FPS however I cannot understand, but I respect that our subjective perceptions are different. I've played A LOT of shooters in my while life and Crysis is definently one of the best. Once you understand that you're NOT supposed to be able to play the game on very high settings, those are reserved for nextgen, you can still play a gorgeous and immersive game at a decent framrate @ high settings and accept that and once you just let go of the critical and petty analysis and just let go, lean back, relax and enjoy the game, it's a blast imo. If you're not afraid to dive into the 20's, the DX9 with tweaks looks like something from the future. And again I can't account for other people's personal experience with the game, but I absolutely loved the gameplay as well. It seems like some just WANTS to hate the game and declare it hyped. I loved every aspect of the game, though I could have wished for some higher performance and SPOILER MARK TEXT TO VIEW** going back to the island with the TAC launcher after the hangar level(the TAC from MP that is, not the feeble one from the end of SP) and pwning some big enemies with it, just a few added levels to the end and perhaps ending it all with a giant nuke putting the physics into real play **. In short the SP was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had and I enjoy the MP very much as well (power struggle that is, TDM is meh).

On a sitenote I find COD4 annoyingly scripted, linear, a game "on rails" with the gameplay we've seen 1000 times before without any of the cool additions like weapon mod, nanosuit and huge environments like Crysis, but some people prefer it over Crysis for whatever reason (performance being one of them I guess), and that's cool with me; I don't feel an urge to make a thread "WHAT'S UP WITH TEH OVERHYPED COD4!!??" because of that...
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