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Default Re: Java3D anti-aliasing

When you say "driver say it's not supported" do you mean when polling it through Canvas3D? I assume thats the info you posted, and according to that its saying AA is available (sceneAntialiasingAvailable=true). Any good 3d interface I assume would not force high-end settings on the programmer. Try looking for a function in the API for setting the AA level (its probably set to 0 by default). Also, you should check the nVidia Display Settings program to see if AA is being forced to off (make sure Override Application Settings is NOT checked). I've never used Java3D before, so this is all the help I can offer.

Edit: To me it seems more likely a Java3D problem than a nVidia problem. I found this page that mentions full scene AA being disabled by default.

Just google for: java3d antialiasing
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