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Default Could Nvidia Comment? Widescreen Aspect TV-Out Resolutions

First I feel I should apologise for asking this question here, since it really doesn't seem to be the right forum for this question. However all my attempts to contact Nvidia have been rebuffed and they send me here instead.

I'm looking for a response from an Nvidia employee and my ultimate goal is to see the driver changed in future. My question is this: Why does the internal list of acceptable TV-Out resolutions not include 1024x576 (16:9 PAL) and other widescreen aspect ratios? I can understand limiting the list to valid resolutions but why are widescreen aspects not on that list?

Searching this forum and the internet in general shows that this is frequently asked question however there doesn't seem to have been an official response. It's a particularly frustrating issue for users and developers of various media centre solutions where we are wanting to output widescreen SD material to widescreen TVs. It's not just the video but the UI scaling which is affected. Interestingly this doesn't seem to be an issue limited to linux, Windows users are complaining of the same thing when trying to get Windows MCE to understand that although the resolution is 4:3 or 5:4, the display aspect is 16:9.

I pretty much feel like I'm wasting my time asking for this to change, but who knows? There are always alternatives, such as downgrading drivers to versions which didn't have these restrictions or using Intel/Ati chipsets instead. Our current advice to users is to pick an Nvidia card for their media centres, but with better drivers on the way from ATi that might change.

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