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Default Re: Could Nvidia Comment? Widescreen Aspect TV-Out Resolutions

It is a general misconception that widescreen is a higher resolution. In fact in case of widescreen there are 'black' borders introduced in the signal. Due to that you in fact lose information. (So you have 720x405 or so assuming the default is 720x576 which is what nvidia's tvout renders at in all cases)

'Real' widescreen DVDs are sent out in 'anamorphic' which means that the image gets compressed in the horizontal direction to fill the whole 720x576. The tvout stretches the image out and this way you use the full 'resolution'. (so the width of a pixel is smaller than the height)

If you would render a horizontally compressed image and you set the widescreen flag in the tvout signal (which videocards don't set) you would use the whole set of data. The problem is that in a PC all pixels are squares....

Older nvidia drivers allowed you to create custom modelines but really those didn't do much, the tvout chip ALWAYS renders at 720x480 or 720x576 and if you select 1024x768 the image is scaled to the tvout resolution.
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