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Default Re: Crysis was released too early

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX
they did bad with coding the game simple as that youll see when you have 9800GTX SLI it still runs crappy im sure and when the 10series of cards comes you still can max the game but it will be heavy it wont get smooth because the code was done wrong....and no i am not ranting because i cant run it i can and i have finished it.

but still something is done wrong with the game im sure it is
I'm sure you're 100% qualified to say this! I mean come on. CryEngine 2 is the most technologically advanced game engine the PC has ever seen. It is pushing year old GPU technology to its limits. It's capable of environments the size we've never seen in any other game. Have you ever watched the dynamic lighting and shadowmap system? You can watch shadows move and change as time goes on. Not many games come anywhere near this level of realism. I think this game engine is far more of a marvel at present time than CryEngine 1 was at its time. We need games to start pushing the graphics industry to come up with something better. AMD has really been stagnate in coming up with competitive products and NVIDIA is just sitting with their 8 series laughing all the way to the bank making record profits.
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