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Default Re: Crysis was released too early

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX
ohh yeah and that means that the coding couldnīt be done bad per automatic? I mean you are 100% sure Crytek couldnīt have done anything wrong with the game? Totally flawless guys?......i donīt know about that i mean everyone ca do mistakes.

Well if that is the fact then Crytek is one of few very very good game devs.

Crytek is a good game/engine dev company. Keep in mind Crysis was not JUST a single project it was the merger of 2 projects. CryEngine 2 & the video game Crysis. Development of a full engine ALWAYS takes a long time, look at the id Tech 4 (D3) engine, or Unreal 3 engine, Source engine, etc. All of these engines took a lot of time and so did their accompanying first-party games. Give these guys some credit, they've managed to literally rape our hardware (which is what "HD games" should do), Doom 3 & Far Cry started out much the same.

I don't see 9800GTX making a huge performance impact, I'd expect though average performance with Very High settings. We will need next-gen refresh to see better-then average performance on such settings. Not to mention instant support for the MOD community, something we don't see very often.

And nothing is flawless in the software industry, get off your "OMG It's not perfect" high-horse and welcome to reality. Crytek team did a great job, released a bleeding-edge game and has given us a gauge for future performance. Will there be patches? Of course, even console games receive patches...
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