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Default Re: Pro Street; Anyone get it?...

My input - and i play real race sim games like GTR2, Rfactor, etc with a steering wheel

hey i bought teh game, i used to love the nfs games, then i bought underground when it came out becuase "hey this is new style of gaming"... yet it got borring, and i love import cars.. but then they started killing it wiht over the edge acting and too much negative street racer influence, i dont know any people like that in real life that would be soo crazy for street racing.. so they lost me after that... same goes for all those street racer games, i see my little cousins playing those and i just hope they dont get influenced and think street racing is all about neon lights and body kits lol...

I had a friend who is 27 and go buy the game for ps3 before he even got a ps3 just becuase it looks tight..

but pro street isnt too bad.. i like to see cars i can relate to, i hate all the wannabe commentary.. but turn down all the traction controls/abs and it feels pretty decent.. still not a sim..

I hate how this game has a story line, your a caucasian guy named cooper.. soo annoying i think this game was targeted market of a certin ethnic.. they should just leave it out.. So i just hate the stereotype street racer image that need for speed and fast and furious have created on youth today..

i bought the game through EA store so i downloaded it,.. today i got an email for a free wrx sti in the game haha... i jus gotta play it to get my moneys worth out of it..
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