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Exclamation Check this out.. An awesome map is coming. (56k Warning)

Found this guy's first attempts at a Crysis map... One to watch? I think so..

Awesome eh?

Some of his notes:

Some notes / advice from the thread:


I just want to point out again that the effects are achieved through a combination of many different little touches throughout a spectrum of settings. Not just TimeOfDay (although it's pretty darn important). For example to get some better results for the ocean, I would recommend those settings (in Terrain->Environment->Ocean):

FogColor: 32,48,57
FogColorMultiplier: 32,48,57
FogDensity: 32,48,57

And in OceanAnimation:

WindDirection: 0
Windspeed: 4
Wavespeed: 50
WavesAmount: 2
WaveSizes: 0.5 (for some ugly/weird effect, try 100 )

This comes from the fact that water is of course a colorless liquid, and with those settings you'll achieve a more "transparent" look while retaining a feeling of depth.


Basically for the terrain I used a dry grass layer tainted in dark green, and for the vegetation those "game/objects/natural/ground_plants/grass/bigpatch_medium.cgf". Then use "Paint Object" to apply them. That should give you some thick greenish grass. Then of course some small bushes here and there for variety's sake.

Also don't forget, once you painted and added your vegetation, to use File->Generate Surface Textures. Then in this window check High Quality and Calculate Terrain Sky Accessibility. This is extremely important to get some kind of accurate ambient occlusion pass going on (what makes it look more real). But be ready to wait, as it can take several minutes to calculate even for a small map.


Where to find him: amp;page=1
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