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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

And the tests are in!

Benchmarks done with FRAPS. Each are 5 minutes long.

Specs are as seen in my signature (2nd rig). Crysis is installed on a Western Digital MyBook 160GB External HDD (USB 2.0)


No AA or AF
Object Detail: Medium
Everything else: Low

The first one is from the beginning of the first cutscene to part of the way through the first level. Here are results:

Frame___Time (ms)_____Min_____Max_______Avg

The minimum frame rate is 0 due to loading between scenes. This is coming from an external HDD on a dated system afterall... The frame rate is pretty nice, but it's bloated due to low poly counts and such. The next one is a much better indicator of real world performance.

Second one is done from the end of the first benchmark to the end of the 2nd cutscene (where the guy is found dead and mutilated in the forrest)


Frames___Time (ms)____Min _____Max_______Avg

So here, we see a much more dramatic dip in FPS. I think this occured during the 2nd cutscene. However, the frame rate is indeed very playable. Considering how Crysis is completely playable as low as 15fps, I would deem that this is totally acceptable for gameplay... remember, the object detail is set at medium, not low. This did decrease performance a bit, but it was worth it due to the extra detail that is shown on screen.

There you have it. Crysis is very playable even on the minimum requirement PC. I have no doubt in my mind that this game scales very well. The only problem is when people bitch and complain about how their highend system tanks when you turn up the detail to its maximum settings. This game was designed with the future in mind, but not at the expense of the present.

Thanks for reading!

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