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Default Re: Anyone seen the 1080p panasonic plasmas?

Originally Posted by newfiejudd
yeah that is the article. True 1080P, they even tried some TV's at 1080i. Yeah I was surprised with the westinghouse. I was also suprised with the Sharp. But it seemed alot of the sony's passed? even some of the cheaper sony models. Heck I even seen one of the models that passed on sale at Walmart last week. LOL. Hopefully HD becomes more prominent. I love HD shows. The picture and sound is amazing. I tend to avoid the standard def stations now. And hockey has never looked so good.
I haven't read that particular article, but that had to have been the recent Sony models though. I used to be trying to find TV's like this a year and a half ago and it was impossible to find any, except for the westinghouse TV's. There was one JVC that did this, but you had to remove a little adapter it had that allowed for multiple inputs, essentially reducing the TV to only one input.

I think somebody actually started a class action lawsuit over this, because manufacturers were advertising 1080p but you could only send a 1080i signal to it, and it would do a bob deinterlace which essentially gives you a 1920x540 picture.
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