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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Last test.

Like I said above, I've run the game for about 20 minutes (I thought it ran too long, so I cut it off early I believe) from the 2nd cutscene to about 1/2 way through the first level. The settings are the same as in my previous post


Frames___Time (ms)_____Min_____Max_______Avg

The 0 fps is due to a massive dump that my External HDD took. It was in hibernate mode, so when the game needed something new, it took the HDD about 4 seconds to come out of hibernation, and then it took another 3-4 seconds to load what was needed to continue playing. We're talking about real-world performance, so that incident is indeed a factor in this score. Of course, if this game were installed on an internal HDD (like it should be), then that would have never happened.

That being said, the average speaks for itself; the game was very playable at all times (except for that 8 second pause). The AI was very intelligent. It's also a massive resouce hog. After I eliminated about 3 Korean soldiers in an area, the fps picked up from about 30 to around 40-50. This was just from killing the AI. Another thing I noticed is that even though the game is at lowest detail, the gauges on the vehicles still work!!! All in all, I had a lot of fun running around the first level again. It was enjoyable. However, after seeing Crysis in all it's glory on my Main Rig, I'm ready to get back to that system...

For all the haters out there that say Crysis runs like poo, you have no excuses now. This game runs great under the correct circumstances. If it runs like crap and your system is higher spec than the minimum requirements, turn the details down ya dope.

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