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Default Re: Crysis....why all the hype......

Originally Posted by Fats_43
Hope your joking NOTHING ever in the history of all gaming has even come close to being hyped as much as Crysis. NOTHING!!!
Huh? 99% of console gamers have never heard of it, and I'd bet the majority of people who buy PC games haven't either (since the majority of PC games sold are things like Bejeweled, Zuma, Sims and games based on TV game shows - Deal Or No Deal etc).

The only people excited about Crysis are the hardcore PC gamers, but we make up a tiny fraction of all gamers. Its nothing compared to the hype around Halo 3, the kids camping at Walmart, the promos on the radio, the coverage on the TV news... all for a game that was mediocre.

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