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Default Re: Crysis....why all the hype......

Well does Halo 3 get its own section for discussion here at nvnews?

Maybe sites have dedicated sections for Halo 3; I just have never noticed any PC game that has been hyped up as much as Crysis.

I'm not saying it's bad at all, it's awesome and has amazing graphics, I'm just saying I don't think it's as worthy of all the hype, no game or anything on the face of the planet is worthy of that much hype.

There was sooo much media on Crysis before launch it was unbelievable.

No other game has flooded the internet quite as much IMO. I felt like I was playing it for a second or 3rd time when it was my first time playing through it.

When you have the net flooded with that much info, screens, movies, adds previews, betas, and separate discussion sections it's bound to be spoiled for ya. Oh well hype away..
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