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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Originally Posted by Madpistol
Here's the thing. There are game developers out there that design games so that bleeding edge hardware will cringe if they run it at highest settings. Futuremark and their "3DMARK" software is a perfect example of this. Crytek is another great example. They design their programs to be futureproof. They don't want to create a product that is wasted away after 6 months on the market; they want to be selling copies of the game 2 years down the road. This is how you do it. Up until recently, FarCry was a benchmark in computer performance for new video cards because the game was so taxing. When FarCry first came out, there was not a single video card on the market that would run the game at maximum settings with a decent framerate. Fast forward to today, and we now have hardware capable of running it flawlessly. However, this is 4 years later. Far Cry has had a very long life for a game, and I give props to Crytek for making the game last as a benchmark for this long.

Crysis will be exactly the same way FarCry was. It's an incredible piece of work, and just because your 8800 GTX can't run the game flawlessly at high settings doesn't mean that the game is coded horribly. What Crytek did was "futureproof" their game. For that, they've done an extrodinary job of creating a revolutionary game.
lol, are you sure? I still remember that my 6800Ultra can run farcry everything on Highest and it still smooth like butter, only the last stage could cause me lag, but I can play the entire game with good framerate, and now, there is not a single game can cause me "LAG" even the nice looking game like CoD4 ( with lots of smoke and gun firing ) and STALKER ( with the float32 video upgrade patch ), and that monster TES4blivion can't "LAG" me also, I still can't totally agree with you, since even on the HIGH setting it still not playable, maybe it is true that the HIGHEST setting is not for the current gen hardware, but my 8800gtx can't run everything on the HIGH setting? This is not acceptable lol!
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