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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Originally Posted by asd
lol, are you sure? I still remember that my 6800Ultra can run farcry everything on Highest and it still smooth like butter, only the last stage could cause me lag, but I can play the entire game with good framerate, and now, there is not a single game can cause me "LAG" even the nice looking game like CoD4 ( with lots of smoke and gun firing ) and STALKER ( with the float32 video upgrade patch ), and that monster TES4blivion can't "LAG" me also, I still can't totally agree with you, since even on the HIGH setting it still not playable, maybe it is true that the HIGHEST setting is not for the current gen hardware, but my 8800gtx can't run everything on the HIGH setting? This is not acceptable lol!
First, Far Cry was released before the 6800 Ultra. It was released under the Radeon 9800's and the Geforce 5900's. Under those cards, the game COULD NOT run acceptably at highest settings. There was just no way it was possible. When the 6800's hit the market, everything changed because the 6800's were supposedly twice as fast as any card before it. That would be more than enough to blow through Far Cry like it was nothing. The FX 5900 choked on the game. I remember that my FX 5900 128mb card had so much glitching that it was nearly unplayable. I had to switch back down to my Ti 4200 in order to get the game to run well and look good.

On the same note, if Crysis is causing you "LAG" then you need examine the drivers and installed software on your system as well as your settings. My current setup is not causing any sort of lag. However, the frame rate does tend to tank in high activity areas. That's how the game was designed: to tank on heaviest of hardware.

My 8800 GTX can run EVERYTHING on the High setting. I've tweaked the CVars too, and it's still completely playable... No lag. The framerate drops into the mid teens sometimes, but even then, the game is totally responsive. There is no sort of control lag whatsoever. We'll have to wait a while before the game is playable at maxed out settings at a completely acceptable FPS.

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