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Default Re: Cisco Suggestions

Originally Posted by six_storm
Thanks for the reply. Looks like I'm going to be spending $500 just for one router and one switch according to eBay. craigslist doesn't have anything locally, except for really old models. I'm not expecting new models but I'd like to have something that will last for a little while.

What about these?
maybe you take a look at the cbt nuggets for video training and in addition you should get a simulation software. so you don't need to buy expensive hardware.

gns - router simulation

cisco offers also a ccna simulation pack
see at amazon

or maybe you get here a freeware solution

for the ccna exam you need to know routing fundamentals (classfull, classless) and access list configuration. but the exam will change in the near future because of the new ccna courses (icnd1 + icnd2), which i don't know

cheers + good luck,
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