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Default Re: Could Nvidia Comment? Widescreen Aspect TV-Out Resolutions

The correct behaviour would be to offer a virtual resolution with a widescreen aspect ratio, then scale that resolution to 720x576 in the video encoder (just like it scales computer-typical resolutions) and indicate in the output that the picture is widescreen. Then you would produce the correct anamorphic widescreen signal.

Second-best would be to have a 720x576 resolution and have an option to send the widescreen signal. The scaling would then have to be done by the videoplayer software.

But of course the nvidia tv-out is too limited to do either of that.
It is still my opinion that you should avoid this tv-out like the plague when you want anything resembling quality. It is much better to use a TV with computer input and connect VGA, DVI or HDMI to that. Then you bypass the tv-out chip with all its silly limitations and useless functionality.
(after all, who wants to encode their TV signal in PAL or NTSC when it is possible to use RGB or YPbPr without this encoding loss. it is better to buy a new tv than to spend money on a limited tv-out "solution")
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